In the course of an international pitch, Brandpulse won the project for the worldwide rebranding of the Victorinox brand, Maker of the Original Swiss Army Knife since 1884. Beginning of 2020, the comprehensively revised brand design with the striking “Touch of Red” will be implemented stringently across all touchpoints in 120 countries. The new design offers a modular and more flexible structure and represents the brands innovative thinking in line with its existing and reliable brand values.

After an intense planning and testing phase, Victorinox launches its new brand design to increase brand recognition and continue its successful journey as a traditional but pioneering brand. At the beginning Brandpulse conducted a brand analysis focusing on the brand positioning and the brand structure and then developed an international brand strategy based on the findings. As a consequence, the brand design had to be revised in order to position Victorinox more competitively in the international market. “For us it was important to find the perfect balance between showcasing their rich heritage as a traditional Swiss brand while at the same time bringing in innovative designs to enrich their appearance by increasing the touch of red in the overall communication”, Thomas Ramseier from Brandpulse explains.

The new, modern branding developed by Brandpulse represents innovative thinking in line with existing and reliable brand values present within every single touchpoint. Functionality, quality, innovation and iconic design are key in regard to Victorinox products and brand awareness. Then and now, the famous Swiss Army Knife-red is an integral part of Victorinox appearance.

The Brand Design Evolution is most noticeably embodied by the red logo box which is used in all external marketing material. In order to simplify the layout, the splinter design has been replaced by a modular and more flexible structure to cope with the demanding challenges of today’s state-of-the art communication. In times of cross-channel and 360-degree marketing it is more important than ever to have a flexible format which works in online and offline channels alike.

As part of the global rollout, all implementations are carried out in the corresponding written and language versions (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic). The conceptual development of a digital platform was a particular challenge within the complex project: Brandpulse structured and designed the Corporate Brand Management Tool, defined and created the content, developed appropriate guidelines and prepared the communication. The Brand Management Tool is interactive and accessible worldwide. Marketing staff, trade partners and partner agencies all over the world are already working successfully with the new tool. This ensures that the consistency of the new appearance is guaranteed around the globe.

Victorinox Brand Design: Innovative. Flexible. With A Touch Of Red.
Victorinox Brand Design: Innovative. Flexible. With A Touch Of Red.
Victorinox Brand Design: Innovative. Flexible. With A Touch Of Red.