We have been thinking in terms of brands for around 20 years in order to drive the business success of our customers. We develop new, powerful brands and make existing brands more successful.

To do so, we analyse and reconsider brand portfolios and develop brand strategies with high potential. We open up new business areas and evaluate existing offers. And we create design and communications solutions that will bring your brand lasting success in the digital age thanks to the holistic customer experience.


What can we do for you?

Growth through increased attractiveness?
If your company is not growing as desired, often it is due to an outdated brand concept. The formula is to remain attractive for the target groups (or become attractive again). With a credible brand promise and a striking rebranding that captures the Zeitgeist.

Consolidate or expand your brand portfolio?
Brand management is always associated with investments. We help you to define the right path that brings efficiency to your brand portfolio and focus on as many brands as needed to compete within the market.

Reach new target groups?
The recognition of growth opportunities allows you to venture into new territories: We identify new target groups and elaborate the strategy to successfully engage with them.

M&A or spin-off plans?
We help you to maximize the value of your brand for mergers, acquisitions or spin-offs. For instance with a due diligence checklist, so that you can be sure that your M&A strategy is consistent.

Create new offers?
Outside-in instead of inside-out: We look at the challenges in your business embracing the customer perspective so to formulate a clear, relevant customer promise. Based on this promise, new products and services can be developed and new markets with potential for success can be opened.

Find the right talents?
Changes to your brand start from within. Especially through employees who work to deliver on the brand promise to your target groups on a daily basis. We help you to identify the right talents who embody your brand strategy with commitment and responsibility.

The Brandpulse Team

We are an experienced team with expertise in brand strategy, brand consulting, content, digital media, brand design, digital design, interactive design, art direction, architecture and project management.

Our team leaders are dedicated, competent and passionate to ensure that your goals are being achieved.