Brand Strategy

The core element of every business is a clearly defined positioning which rationally and emotionally differentiates the brand distinctly and relevantly from its competitors to the benefit of the target group. read more

Brand Design

Branding makes the defined strategy of a brand perceptible. In doing so, the name, the visual presence within the areas of digital, print, environment and out-of-home as well as the acoustic, haptic and olfactory aspects of the brand are determined. read more

Communications Design

Communication connects people and brands through their experiences. Brandpulse creates unique communication experiences and ensures that the brand is recognized as a whole across all touch points. read more

Innovation Design

Businesses and brands of every industry are constantly required to be innovative in order to satisfy the customers’ needs in a new way. On the one hand, it is about developing new business ideas and models and on the other there are always new customer needs that need to be addressed in an innovative manner. read more